CSY Development
CSY Development Sdn Bhd, Formed in July 2009 by Tan Chok How, Tan Siew Yee, Fok Chee Seong and Darrel Ang Chek Howe. One of the leading housing development and landed property in the country expecially northern legion of Malaysia. As a fastest growing property developer in Northern of Malaysia, CSY Development Sdn Bhd's key strength lies in our strong engineering expertise in infrastructure construction. Adopting a holistic approach in building property developments, we place great emphasis on infrastructure to ensure that our housing development are wholesome and sustainable in severy sense of economic, enviroment and community. With the strong financial backing coupled with a committed & dedicated team, our property division continues to strive for excellence.

To be amongst the Top 5 Property Development Company in Northern Region Malaysia by year 2015 by aligning all our core capabilities to be efficient and cost effective, deliver our products and services in a customer-focused manner.

1. To be seen as a credible property development company that creates customer value

2. To embrace perfomance driven culture that encourages learning opportunities for continuous improvement to deliver innovative and quality products and services on a timely basis

Founder Biography
Tan Chok How - a Malaysian, aged 33, was appointed as an Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CSY Development Sdn Bhd on 2009. He obtained a bachelor Of Science Degree B.Sc. (Hons) from the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside (England) in 2002.

Upon graduation in 2002, he began his practical training, joined Metro Jelata Sdn Bhd & Wijaya Bandar Bina Sdn Bhd, a property development & construction company as a purchasing manager. He has more then 10 years of business experience in the property development & construction industry.

Fok Chee Seong - Malaysian male aged 27, was appointed as MD of CSY Development Sdn Bhd since the company established. He obtained a Business Management & Adminstration, International Business & Marketing. He was a member of MRC centre (Mind Research Consultant) from year 2006- 2008.

Darrel Ang Chek Howe - Malaysian, age 32, one of the director of CSY Development Sdn Bhd. He graduate from UTM Civil Engineering.